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Jul. 12th, 2006 | 09:11 pm
location: alone..always alone
mood: crushed crushed
music: semi-chem advert

i miss my friends..tht is all

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hey pplz

Jun. 12th, 2006 | 07:06 pm
location: somwhere inside my head
mood: confused confused
music: TLC - no scrubs (old skool r'n'b lol)

Well I've dingyd this 4 too long now, mostly coz no1 gives a shit wot av gotta say (tbh) but av made my come-back on the livejournal scene. Lemmi rant a bit bout how crappy my life is like a total emo...

wel the thing that pisses me off the most rele rite now is am spossd 2 hav a bf...bt i dnt think I do, I dnt rele know wot to do bout it eithr, I cant b bothrd tokin 2 him bout it but like if I dont its just gona get worse...crappyness (tbh) er wot else? Yer,wel thrs the whole skool thing;
I cant rele b arsed wiv it rite now. Am luvin my art class tho its rele fun. Its all bout me this year nd I dnt rele mind tht evry1 in my class is 10 times better than me coz am gona do a summer course at the glasgow art skl nd make sure am as gd as thm by the time i gets bck...


A PARTY - soo much!!! rite now i just need 2 totally lose myself, hav fun wiv my m8s like I dnt hav any worries or cares...but nuthin, no-1 has nethin, no emptys, no time...Its pathetic. I'm gona hav 2 w8 til summer nd evyr1z gona b away aswel!!!

oh yer thn thrs the whole this bein the last year of skl thing, WTF AM I GONA DO WEN I LEAVE!!!! **cries** at the thot of friends movin away nd all tht shit **sighs** ok...rant over...

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Apr. 27th, 2006 | 05:19 pm
location: in ur pants
mood: giggly giggly
music: fuck her gently - tenascious d

so av finishd my art folio in a week!! bludi hell!! we had 11 months 4 design nd a month 4 expressiv nd we hav 2 rush our little bootays off (xept claire coz her bootay isnt little its pretty darnd big substantial some mite say) 2 finish it but am finishd so am jus worried bout my m8s, thr all stressd th'fuck out agen, it sucks. Neways am takin Advanced Art so al hav anothr year of it woot!!
Er enuff bout tht coz av got bigger problems lyk...AM GONA FAIL ALL MY EXAMS YEY!!! (xept art) go me!! but u kno wots sweeet:

We had tree of knowledge 2day (YESS!!!) Fuckin yaas!! twas amazin loike we got 2 scream at the top of our lungs nd it was pretty mch the most fun av had in a while wich means am pretty sad roit. oh nd we had a challenge, we had 2 go thru a hoop in 2 seconds by puting our body thru it wich was lyk...uber fun. My team had the idea of pretty much diving (suicide jumping) thru the hoops which i did without fear the 1st time and fell flat on my face wich was...not sore at all am stil in pain in fact

But u kno wot sucks (majorly):

1 of my bestest m8s is leavin skl, no scratch tht bein thrown out of skl bcoz he was "l8 2 mch" totally unfair, how am i gona cope wivout my FRASER evryday!!! **cries - a lot** nd basically May is gona b absolutely terrible!! (HEINUS) but June nd the Summer is gona b EMMENSE!!!! so cant w8 coz i wana go 2 AMSTERDAM lol (lyk my mum wud let me )
Er tht wil b all coz i cnt think of nemore bt yesterday i had sex in a cup with love in or white chocolate hot chocolate woteva u wana call it wiv my luffly claire bear :) ♥ ♥


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Apr. 25th, 2006 | 09:34 pm
location: in shower (naked)
mood: amused amused
music: do u think i'm a whore - kittie

entry time starts....NOW:

exams start on tuesday, 1st 1 is art, wil pass it bt is stil scared, thn english, wil fail it so fuck it, followd by maths, bio, art (writing) thn finally chem, i wil ultimately fail all xept art, i shal pass art, i shall get atleast a B (bit ambitious bt true) Was slightly depressd b4 bt am over it now, av got m8s who luv me, a bf who likes me a hell of a lot nd family who r lyk emmense (they can all b rather heinus at times tho)
er neways so xept 4 exams life is pretty dandy, cnt w8 til saturday (the day of rest 4 me) i am gona go c my PIP PIP PIPPA nd my MARCO SWANAGE!!!! nd others, twil b emmense (already usedt tht word bt who cares its fantoosh)


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emo time

Apr. 17th, 2006 | 06:59 pm
location: inside my own dark thoughts
mood: apathetic apathetic
music: PANIC! - nails 4 breakfast tacs 4 snacks

YES ITS EMO TIME ND AM READY 2 POUR MY LITTLE BLACK HEART OUT (pfft) SO: jus came bck 2 virginia frm philladelphia, nice 10 hour long drive, thinkin bout how mch i h8 myself nd how badly am gona fail my exams and how am gona amount 2 nothing and how emo this song am listnin to is nd how much:
life sucks
school sucks
bois...sorta suck
friends suck
i suck
am gona go die now xxxxxx
p.s al b home on wednesday ( glasgow sucks )
p.p.s I MISS PIP!!
P.P.P.S (emo tears for u my ♥)
(atleast my hair looks gd)

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um hey thr

Apr. 10th, 2006 | 10:14 pm
location: 'Merica (u knew tht already)
mood: bouncy bouncy
music: Panic! - Time 2 dance (loike)

ent none of my m8s gona update thr journals!!! am missin th'goss here!!
neways i gots my nails did wich means its takin me ages 2 type, write, eat, drink, nd i cant put my contacts in...O_o
Av fallen out wiv my TRAITOR best m8 claire...pfft
OH nd this random dude askd me if i wanted 2 hang out wiv his m8s nd him at the mall..me was flaterd bt declined (gotta b gd y'kno) um wot else, ent got my vans nd converse yet :'( damn it, we went 2 the rong mall...pfft mothr nd her bad direction
Er missin my m8s, the ones tht count i shall make a list in order 2 make the ones who ent on it feel bad MUHAHAHAHAHA..coff i miss:

K8 smch!!
Gava gav
Calshy coz he misses me so...
nd othrs who havnt betrayd me lyk JUDAS!!! i mean claire.

Er so me gots purrty hair, purrty nails nd a purrty dress..thr all 2 sexual me oh nd i bot a hat!!! lyk a beanie/cap wich has lyk rasta colours on coz i rock tht fuckin 'ard bitchez

Nethin else?.....**racks brains** oh yer i bot a bouncy ball frm a gumball machine nd put it in my mouth...O_o yes i pissd myself laffin at myself 2, as u must b rite now..i suck...bt thn agen i rock so i dnt suck...tht makes sense 2 me so...yer w/e

Ok thts enough now bt 1 more thing:

KAI TRAITORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(p.s thrs a strike thru the heart btw)

gd bye my lufflys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Apr. 7th, 2006 | 09:26 am
location: 'Merica!!
mood: chipper chipper
music: Panic! - Lying is th'most fun a girl can hav....

yer so am in america as u all kno nd am goin 2 get my hair done 2day XD go me

wel al tel u some things tht hav happend here since i arrived.
On th'plane i saw "the empire state building" - thru fog mind u but i stil saw it XD
Flew in2 Newark, New York b4 goin 2 Suffolk West Virginia wich was funness.
So at Newark airport i saw lyk evry american stereotype thr is!!!:

- The fat family
_ the embarassin dad who wears full safari gear wen thr on vacation in europe o_O

- th'"gangstas" lol wich is pretty funi

Went 2 Starbucks (ofcorse) nd was rudely served by a ghetto ass bizzatch, she scared the crap outa me

Neways so i went 2 Suffolk nd omg my Aunt's house is AMAZIN!!!! tis rather big nd rather gued
Um wot else oh yeh I DROVE!! WOOT GO ME, drove my uncle's truck XD coz i rawk tht much nd um..wot else um, ATE LOTSA FOOD! GONA GETS FAT!! neways thts enuff 4 now, al tel u more l8az luff luff

p.s GOIN 2 A WEDIN COZ YER THTS JUS HOW MCH I KICK ASS...(turnin in2 a big headed american)


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Mar. 13th, 2006 | 01:09 am
mood: apathetic apathetic
music: emokid - adam nd the andrews

OMG CLAIRE BOT THE TICKETS!!! WE'RE GOIN 2 C TAKIN BACK SUNDAY - the most emo band ever!!! - cant w8 wot wiv all thr 3 part harmonys nd thr darnd sexiness

neways due 2 blizzard conditions kai kai is not goin 2 skl 2moro ^_^ yes i am that darnd jammy, bt i stil hav 2 study :( nd my dad is cumin up 2moro frm leeds so my life wil b shit 4 the nxt 5 days

**sighs** y cant things just b gr8, i mean they start of gr8 nd thn they just dwindle, was sooo happy last week bt now...its just...argh!! - yer 4 those of u who dnt kno wot am tokin bout ur gona hav 2 stay in the dark bt 4 ppl who kno KAI NEEDS HUGS :'( sertain ppl suck ass nd kai dusnt like thm nemore

Neways av found sudden love 4 Preston frm the ordinary boisImage hosting by TinyPic lol, the band is pretty gish bt hes lyk sex on legs nd shit. um...wel how creepy is tom jones eh? i mean rele hes lyk orange nd old nd wrinkly nd he lyk has all the old lady's pants its lyk...urgh!!

Thot ad b random cz i hav nothin 2 say, gona go 2 sleep now, cyaz lyk...wen i do

visit my myspace: www.myspace.com/lilkai1 - tis indeed extremely emo as i am becoming so very clearly :( cz c my life is a dark abyss, its just suffocating me lol...jks classic song

mch luv (shitty entry bt meh) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ♥

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yer hey

Mar. 11th, 2006 | 11:07 am
mood: calm calm
music: all these things i hate - bullet for my valentine


wel av not put in an entry 4 ages yet nothin exactly intrestin has happend since i last put 1 in

xept ofcorse kai bein a complete nd utter failure nd managin 2 onli pass art nd wiv a C aswel, am a total 'tard.

Went 2 a few parties, got pissd, fell over, the usual, got a "bf - or friend wiv privelages" nd thts bin....ok i spose, divorced my 1st ever hubby bcoz hes an arse, got engaged 2 Sazzle and Adam nd got married 2 Ash, Fraza nd Katie (i luff thm all more than life itself) am stil workin on Sneddon nd ashbaw tho lol.

um..wot else, um, went 2 c Goldie lookin chain nd ally got pissd on..gd tyms

Goin 2 c TAKIN BACK SUNDAY YA BAS!!!! - also got tickets 4 the zutons

Goin 2 'merica on the 30th March, sure no1 wil miss me bt thr all getin "ALLSTAR" Panties nd boxers XD just coz i luff thm so.

KAI <3 CLAIRE Image hosting by TinyPic

i feel lyk tacos

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(no subject)

Jan. 31st, 2006 | 07:12 pm
mood: chipper chipper
music: blue - the birthday massacre


...I cant rele emphasise tht enuff cz twas lyk my best gig yet (bettr thn oasis - dnt hit me kc)

Had a kai nd claire day yesterday, twas mch fun, had a sore throat frm tokin all day *ahem* we shud do tht gen, oh nd i need me a kai nd kc day EMO-SHOPPIN!! WOOT!!

Kai <3 Claire

Kai <3 Kc

Kai <3 u

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